Goodbye my friend

My dog, Willow, is being euthanized tomorrow. She came as a real mess from abuse and neglect. Flea and worm infested, ears infected, teeth rotting in her head, bad knee injuries from long ago, and some kind of neurological disorder (Join the club!). And she came with a bite first, ask questions later attitude, due to her abuse. Not an easy dog to care for, especially with ME, and a seizure disorder.

Really tried hard to make her life as healthy and happy as possible but she is still unpredictable, and biting, and lately, clearly in a lot of pain. So, at my vets behest, tomorrow first thing, Willow is going over the rainbow bridge to that great wilderness in the sky, where she can chase balls and raccoons and wallow in mud to her hearts content.

I’m sad that I couldn’t do more. Goodbye Old Girl. <3