Photographs; mostly taken of Galiano Island, Southern Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland, British Columbia. Some of them are large files so it might take a moment to load….you can BUY PHOTOGRAPHIC PRINTS of some of my photographs HERE. 

If you are interested in purchasing any of the images below, please get in touch with me.

Active Pass Galiano Island ©Jemma Lee, 2012
Active Pass.©Jemma Lee, 2012
Arbutus, Abstract, Macro
Arbutus ©Jemma Lee, 2013
Victoria BC, Salish Sea, Juan De Fuca, Georgia Straight
Victoria ©Jemma Lee, 2015
Gossip Channel, Galiano Island © Jemma Lee, 2014
Gossip Channel ©Jemma Lee, 2014
Cain Road Beach, Galiano Island ©Jemma Lee, 2018
Cain Bay ©Jemma Lee, 2017
Sunset, Clouds, Galiano Island
Clouds ©Jemma Lee, 2017
Beach abstract, photography
Abstract Kelp ©Jemma Lee, 2015
Bearded Dragon, Moss, Forest, BC, Galiano Island
Bearded Dragon of the Forest ©Jemma Lee, 2013
Beach Stones
Beach Stones ©Jemma Lee, 2014
Tafoni, Sandstone
Tafoni ©Jemma Lee, 2014
Driftwood Sunset
Driftwood Sunset © Jemma Lee, 2013
Well, Tafoni, Sandstone, abstract, nature
Tafoni II, ©Jemma Lee, 2014
Dawn, sunrise, Salish Sea
Dawn over the Salish Sea ©Jemma Lee, 2014
Jade Mists
Jade Mists © Jemma Lee 2015