when you’ve just got to take that photograph before getting on the water taxi to go to the hospital, even though your chest feels like it’s exploding, although you subsequently find out, it was actually doing the opposite!
And I just thought it was the view! lol …

Sunset, montague harbour marine park, galiano island, dusk, last rays, seascape, boat, bliss

“If me doing this, taking this picture makes a difference to the outcome, I accept full responsibility!”

Amen to that!

FOR SALE – $69,500 OBO


Informed by the Japanese Wabi-Sabi aesthetic, emphasizing the beauty of nature and organic forms, including their flaws; the materials were predominantly chosen for their patinas, weathering; and their relationship to Galiano island, and it’s inhabitants.

A ‘character’ building, imbued with local elements, and patinas, the palette and finishing inside evoke more of the same ‘island vibe’ – sun, ocean, forest; not hewn fresh but aged, and with some stories to tell. The structure is informed by and highlights the beauty and natural grain in the wood; aged patinas of the siding and materials used, so that organic flaws become subtle features that underlie the tranquil beauty of the space.

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MEASURING 24 ft by 10 ft. This substantial cabin on wheels, was built on a flat-deck trailer base, using traditional timber framing, and post and beam techniques because of the wider size and higher weight baring capacity. The house is all on one level with small storage loft above the bathroom, so ideal for older and less able bodied owners too.

The living room is just over 9’ by 9.5’ and has lots of natural light and a lovely cubic mini grizzly wood stove, which keeps the tiny house very warm. There are exposed posts and beams, and a warm and cosy vibe. The Living room and bedroom are at opposite ends of the home with a hallway separating them with a bathroom on one side and kitchen on the other. Beautiful aged Douglas fir Post & Beam features delineates the different living areas, creating a feeling of light and spaciousness throughout, as there are no sleeping lofts.

The kitchen features new Ikea cabinets in Hittarp design with oak countertops and a ceramic sink with black Ikea faucet. The bathroom is small but features a new Separett composting toilet, and Japanese mini Ofuro-style bathtub, and shower, as well as storage.

  • MADE ON GALINO by local island artisans and contractors
  • Features exposed post and beam and traditional timber framing
  • Built using materials and processes consistent with current building code for a small cabin but on a flat deck trailer so portable
  • High R value insulation (R35+)
  • Mini wood burning stove
  • Hot water on demand propane water heater
  • Bathroom with Japanese Ofuro style tub, shower and storage
  • NEW Separett Villa 9200 composting toilet
  • Four distinct living spaces: kitchen, living room, bathroom and bedroom
  • NEW Ikea cabinets, oak countertops and ceramic sink
  • Detachable porch, deck, and staircase
  • Passive solar heating from windows on three walls
  • Bamboo and Laminate flooring throughout
  • Water purification and filtration pumps purify to 99.99% if not on well system
  • Rusted rustic patina on siding, with locally milled wood from Galiano treees
  • Open spacious feel and design allows for normal furniture, and more choices
  • Designed to be a longer term living space, rather than driven from place to place
  • This is a home that was built to last longer than you will!

SOLD AS IS – there are still some interior finishing touches to be done as my health issues have kept the going slow, but she’s 95+% there, and she’s a beauty! If you are interested in finding out more, or would like to arrange a viewing, please contact me via the website.

For logistical reasons this property is only suitable for people living on the Southern Gulf Islands, SSI and Vancouver Island, or Lower Mainland, BC. Please feel free to share this with anyone you feel might have a genuine interest and resources to follow through. THANK YOU

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Supreme Collective: Passion for Compassion!

You may or may not know, but I use medical marijuana as one of my main medications. And I use it daily, in a variety of forms, from pure CBD, (one of the more powerful cannabinoids for pain seizures and sleep but with no psychotropic properties so won’t get you ‘stoned’), to full spectrum oil, vapes, to edibles, topicals and sometimes I even smoke it! (for appetite stimulation, and breakthrough pain).

It’s my primary medicine, along with a couple of pharma meds, and has the biggest effect on the most symptoms, managing my severe pain, seizures, nausea, migraine and insomnia more effectively than anything else.

Trouble is, it was hard to find good quality, medicinal-grade marijuana at the best of times but even more so now recreational marijuana use has been legalized in Canada.

While I’m thrilled that Canada has made this powerful medicine, and relaxant available to everyone of legal age; it has undoubtedly made it much harder for medicinal users to access clean, medicinal-grade, affordable, cannabis because there are SO many more people buying.

Despite the fact there are literally dozens of new online stores, opening to to fill the gap created by the lack of physical stores. It’s still hard to get premium quality because like everything, not all of these online stores are created equally. Indeed, many of them have nefarious connections, and don’t offer the high quality, medicinal-grade cannabis that sick people REALLY need.

I was using one particular company for the last 18 months before legalization because I found that their productd were consistently of high-quality. However since legalization, the inventory and quality dropped, the prices have gone up, and the quality of service has gone down.

So, that left me hunting for a new supplier. I tried a couple of companies, but found many of the products were not as described on their websites. Often Cannabis oils are processed using solvents and petrochemicals like ethanol, butane or propane, none of which are desirable for medicinal use.

Anyways, after several months and several disappointments, I am thrilled to have finally found a supplier that I can trust, and recommend to other people…

supreme collective, Medinical Cannabis, Cannabis, Marijuana, Medicine, Healing

The Supreme Collective website carries the cleanest, purest, medicinal cannabis products I have found online anywhere! They work with cannabis ‘Artists’ – People at the very top of their game,; producing exquisite cannabis and CBD oils, edibles, concentrates, tinctures, and topicals; as well as premium grade flowers and hash. But it’s not just the quality of the products that sets this company apart; it’s their ethos, and a true passion for compassion, with a dedication to providing the highest quality products, with the best possible support that sets them apart..

Supreme Collective made it so easy for me to find the right products, and offered meaningful advice, with specific recommendations for products to help ease some of my most problematic symptoms, like my seizures and dysautonomia. They even gave me a some products to sample, and the shipping was fast.

One of the things that most impressed me is that Supreme Collective really recognize the responsibility they have to educate, inform, and support cannabis users to make the right choices; ensuring novice and experienced folk alike, understand how to safely experience this beautiful, powerful plant.

So, if you are looking to purchase premium, medicinal-grade, cannabis products in Canada; please do yourselves a favour and check out these guys. You will be well taken care of, and get the very best service, and products on the market, bar none.

I personally recommend the following from Supreme Collective as they helped my severe pain, neurological symptoms, myalgia, migraines, and insomnia, and for medicating without smoking, which is obviously the healthiest way to achieve medicinal effects from this wonderful plant:

Pure Pulls Vapes with Full Spectrum Oil

Pure Pulls Jack Therapy Vape Pen

Element 3:6:9

Deep Midwinter

Here’s one of my favourite pics of my little home, taken just a few days ago after the second big snow storm, of three, in a week.

It makes it look so cosy and I love the contrast with the white of the snow against the rusted patina and teal roof.

Thankfully, it’s easy to keep a home this size warm with my Cubic mini stove, plus the southerly exposure means even 20 minutes of winter sun warms the place nicely.

Propane tanks and regulators keep freezing so the hot water has been very sparse, but otherwise it’s been rather lovely



Not in the seven years I’ve lived on Galiano, have we had this much snow in one go!

Certainly not where I am, which is virtually sea level right in Sturdies Bay. But last night there was 6-8 inches by 7:30pm, so I dug my snow shoes out of storage, and went out.


We didn’t go far but Willow, who needed her nightly constitutional, was waist deep, although VERY eager and tugging me up the hill; gleefully scooping mouthfuls of white stuff as she went, and grinning from ear to ear (wish I’d gotten a picture of that)!


So we walked down past Studies Bay Bakery, which looked so warm and inviting, (coulda used a hot cocoa!), to the elegant and beautifully lit Galiano Oceanfront Inn and Spa, and back again. The gardens outside the Inn provided some lovely photo opportunities and produced some interesting results.


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Yesterday, on my way for another day of medical appointments and and caught the beautiful soft pastels of a cold winters morn. Moments like these, standing on deck with the salty, wind whipping my face; just plain awed by the extraordinary beauty that surrounds us, and I am brimming with gratitude.

Second Chances

I got a dog. Her name is Willow. I got her for companionship and maybe if amenable, train her to fetch things I’ve dropped, or my phone if needed when I’m having an episode; having been told she was a great retriever and very smart and easy the train.

Willow is an older Cocker Spaniel, Poodle cross. More Spaniel than poodle (thankfully); Overweight, bad teeth, and apparently a bad attitude! Seems like Mr X from Craigslist wasn’t entirely honest about why he was re-homing his dog. Quelle Surprise!

I knew something wasn’t right before we met from the replies to some of my questions – ‘Buddy’ didn’t have a vet for her, and said she’d had no need to see one as had no issues. Then when we met up, it was immediately apparent how much pain she was in. And she looked so sad and miserable, clearly couldn’t stand the sight of the guy; there was no way I could leave her there, so here I am with an elderly Cockerpoo, with bad breath, trust issues, and a lousy attitude.

Except she doesn’t! She has a great attitude, it’s just some asshole didn’t bother to pay attention or respect her boundaries or treat her right, so she learned to bite first, ask questions later.

I kinda know how she feels: Life can do that to you, and so can a bad relationship!

Plus, it turns out she was riddled with fleas, worms, ear infections, periodontal disease, and obvious pain with her hind legs.

RestQ Animals Sanctuary, and the wonderful Dr Elisabeth Jahren tomare helping me with getting Willow all fixed up, or at least that’s the plan. The trouble is she’s a biter!

Most dogs use biting as a last defence. Not this girl! She learned to do that as a way of survival, so I can’t blame her for it, but it’s hard to deal with when you’re not sure what the triggers are, and there’s no advance notice.

She’s gone for me a few times now, but only drawn blood once! Saturday she went for my face, which wasn’t cool, and I wasn’t sure I could have a dog like that in my home, especially with my seizure episodes. Professional Recommendation was euthanasia.

I relate to Willow though, being a bit on the gimpy side, having a few eccentricities and being quick to react myself. It’s the PTSD.

Looks like we both have it….Had to laugh, the other day; Willow and I were hanging out on the rug in front of the woodstove. I was doing some gentle Hatha poses to ease my fibro’ pain and Willow often tries to copy what I’m doing, which is very endearing.

So, it’s feeling all warm, and gentle and harmonious, and then from nowhere there was a big bang, from somewhere close-by, and we both lept out of our skins, and then looked at each other and kind of grinned, sheepishly, acknowledging our embarrassment at our shared jumpiness…It was pretty hilarious!

Anyways, I’m giving her a second chance. Actually, I think it’s her fifth or sixth chance by now, but things are improving a little at a time. Baby steps. Some days are better than others, but she’s trusting me more, and I her.

I bought her a muzzle, and we practice with that a couple of times a day, with lots of treats etc, but she hates it, and I feel like a monster for putting it on her, although I do feel slightly safer.

Realistically, there have only been half a dozen incidents in total in just over a month, and after the last one on Saturday, the look of anguish on her face when she realized what she’d done. Well, lets just say, I’m praying that I’m not just being anthropomorphic and she really did get it because she’s got a cushy life here, and ultimately, I’m all she’s got….

And vice versa!